Essential Shoes for Springtime Activities

Essential Shoes for Springtime Activities

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It’s spring, and we seriously couldn’t be happier. Wardrobes turn over from neutral coats to soft floral patterns and warm weather dresses. Sweater season is taking a back seat and sandal season is approaching. Dansko has the best shoes for the season, but what’s the point of incredibly comfortable footwear if you’re not doing what makes you feel good. The weather has broken, it’s time to go where you’re happiest.

Springtime Gardening with Kane

It’s time to get outside and get your hands dirty. Kane is made for simple comfort: a mule clog that you can step into for supportive joy. I’m green™ bio-based EVA replaces over 50% fossil fuel-content with materials made from the sugar cane plant. We use I’m green™ in this molded open back clog because it is durable, breathable, and easy to clean.

With shoes this comfy and good for the earth, turn your focus to making your garden a bustling ecosystem. All it takes is some thoughtful planning. So slip into the best molded clog and take some time to smell the roses, or daisies, or veggies, or whatever else you’ll grow in your oasis.

Spring cleaning with Kandi

Spring is a time for renewal. Every year, the world takes what has been resting underground and creates new life. It is a simple energy to match. Spring is a great time to start the process of a deep closet clean. Before winter clothes go in the bin or the back of your closet, take inventory. Then, there is an entire wardrobe you have that has been unworn for months; take an inventory again. What are the essentials, the pieces that make you, you? With everything that doesn’t make the cut, fill a bag to bring to Goodwill or a recycling center.  

Now, you need to refill some empty space with earth-conscious products. So many shoes and clothes are now made with better materials like Kandi, the sandals you haven’t taken off since the sun came out. They’re built with I’m green™ bio-based materials, just like Kane. A more sustainable product reduces waste during production and is more biodegradable to reduce waste in the future. Add to a circular economy and keep your footprint small with comfy sandals!

Trail walking with Paisley

There’s no time like the present to get out and explore. There are thousands of trails all around you just waiting to be conquered. The first step is a shoe that will help you from nature amateur to trail expert. A shoe that is durable enough for nature, but comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Our selections that check these boxes are endless: like Mary, a sleek sneaker built for tough trails. Or Parson, a slip-on as good for around the house as through the woods. Our personal favorite is Paisley, a performance outdoor shoe built with our most cushioned footbed and a Vibram ECOSTEP outsole that will outlast your toughest hikes and beyond. Now all you need to do is wander.

Brunch with Sophie

The weather has finally broken and it’s the first nice day of the year. You wake up on a Saturday to soft sunlight, and a light spring breeze rustles the leaves on the trees outside your window. Your phone is already showing signs of friends making plans. Sounds like brunch season!

You’re going to need a cute and comfortable sandal that looks good and will support you as you wander around town with the people you love. Sophie is a familiar silhouette thanks to a sole that looks and feels like our classic clog. With a high-energy rocker bottom, you’ll lead the charge to the next spot all day long. The simple strappy style is perfect to wear with your favorite sun dress, guaranteeing you’ll look good and feel great wherever the day may lead.

Supporting Spring Sports with Penni

Everything gets a bit busier when it warms up. The kids probably won’t ever go pro, but the joy and camaraderie of sports bring great energy during the warmer months. Running around town from field to field can get exhausting. You need a shoe that will always keep up with you.

Penni is our comfy performance walking shoe that is made from durable 100% recycled polyester. The long-lasting outsole adds bounce to the supportive footbed that boasts Dansko Natural Arch Plus™ for a stable, energy-sustaining ride. Cheer confidently, you’ll be supported no matter how long the games feel.

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