Elevating everyday pursuits for over 30 years.


We were born in a barn.

Back in 1990, on a trip to Denmark to buy a horse, an entrepreneurial-spirited woman by the name of Mandy Cabot discovered the world’s most comfortable shoe.

The odd-looking Danish shoe — a clog — was remarkably comfortable on her feet after hours of barn chores and errands and on-to-the-next things. So she made plans to bring that shoe to America to share the comfort, confidence, and opportunity with other spirited women like her who were headed somewhere too.

We're women-founded, women-led, and always women-celebrated.

Over the decades, Dansko came to stand for more than comfort. Today, Dansko shoes are a symbol for the kind of women wearing them. Women just like our founder who do all-the-things, dream big, and dare to get a little dirty.


We dig in because we trust the reward in the extra mile.

We innovate by the seat of our values—individuality, responsibility for people and mother earth, and the pursuit of meaningful work in our everyday lives—and we share these values with women who get as much joy out of these shoes as we do.


These shoes just work.

Ever since we discovered that first clog built with a contoured footbed and rocker bottom, we’ve committed to designing that same confidence-building comfort into each new style we explore.

APMA Seal of Acceptance.

Dansko shoes meet the American Podiatric Medical Association approval standards (APMA) and carry the APMA seal of Acceptance.

What resourceful means to us.

We’ve always taken responsible sourcing seriously by considering how our current actions affect our collective future. That means vetting the ins and outs of our footprint to understand how Dansko production impacts the people and places along our supply chain.

We know you’re looking out for Mother Earth. We are too.


We're an employee-owned company.

In 2012, Dansko proudly became 100% employee-owned through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). Our founder, Mandy Cabot, had other things up her sleeve and new industries to inspire. But she didn’t want to see Dansko values diluted in the hands of big-money. So she did something novel and sold her company to the people who helped her build it — her employees.

Out of the barn and into the rest of the world: A full-blown shoe business grew exponentially as the rest of the world clamored for more comfortable, distinctive shoes.

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