Seven Occupations We Support and the Perfect Pair For Each

Seven Occupations We Support and the Perfect Pair For Each

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At Dansko, we believe in doing everything in life with passion and joy, and we make the perfect pairs to help meet that bar. On average, we will spend more than 1/3 of our life at work, you might as well be stylish and comfortable while on shift. You should never come up short because your shoes don’t support you. We work hard to meet your unique needs, so you can keep working to make the world a better place. We’re here for you no matter what you do!

Check out this guide to find your perfect pair:


There are drastically different needs – and tastes – across healthcare, so it’s good we’re so much more than clogs. Throughout the hospital, office, or surgical room, we provide the perfect pair. The two main categories we have established based on your needs are The Surgeon and The ICU Nurse.

The Surgeon spends long periods of time standing and needs stability with premium foot and back support.

Clogs are our DNA, and we have perfected them as a performance style with the XP 2.0. Dansko Natural Arch® technology provides premium arch support and comfort to virtually any foot. This improves the footbed for maximum stability during long days standing. Premium leathers are extremely strong to keep your feet safe. Patent and waterproof leathers are used so you can easily wipe them clean. Slip resistance adds another level of support to always keep your footing anywhere on the floor.

The ICU Nurse needs versatile and long-lasting comfort that will be supportive on the move and while standing for hours.

The shift to performance walking sneakers for nurses is the biggest trend in healthcare. We’ve heard all the claims: “designed for you,” “does it all,” “perfect shoe for you.” There is only one walking sneaker collection that will support you with the legendary comfort of Dansko.

Pace and Penni are great options thanks to our most stable footbed, Dansko Natural Arch Plus™, which adds a rigid foundation to plush comfort for all-day support. But an improved easy-on heel and sleek style make Peony the undisputed queen of the healthcare sneaker market. These sneakers will keep your feet healthy and make you the talk of your floor thanks to a clean, athletic design.

Landscape Architect: Kane

You work outdoors beautifying the world around us, you need a shoe that will support your vision and be sustainably made. Kane is a comfortable mule clog made entirely with I’m green™ EVA, which uses more than 50% bio-based materials from sugar cane, a rapidly renewable resource. It creates a product that is lightweight, breathable, and easy to clean. Get in the weeds or stop to smell the flowers, what you do is beautiful and there’s no better shoe to work with than Kane.

Teacher: Libbie (Available 6/26)

Above all the qualities important to being a great educator, flexibility ensures you will be able to think on your feet to handle any of the truly wild things that occur throughout your busy day.

Luckily, we have a shoe that is as flexible as you need to be. Libbie is constructed for maximum freedom of movement. The cute and comfy Oxfords are lightweight so you can react quickly to any situation, and the rubber outsole is long lasting to support you the entire school year. The stability of DNA adds a footbed that will keep you energized and supported for the many hours on your feet. Try it out in mustard for a subtle pop of color to any outfit.

Barista and Bartender: Becka

How can you spread joy if you aren’t feeling comfortable? Spending all day and night on your feet can take a toll, but it doesn’t have to with Becka. This Chelsea boot is made with the energy return sole of the clog so your feet and back are supported. With premium leathers that are durable and easy to clean, you’ll be able to stay clean through spills and your toughest shifts. Premium features always create the perfect cocktail of an occupational shoe, and this bootie is no exception.

Chef: Kaci

Your checklist is easy. Simple comfort that is easy to wear and supportive for long standing shifts. Slip resistant to keep your footing and stay safe on oily kitchen floors. Easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about spills. Check, check, and check.

But imagine finding the perfect recipe and using week-old ingredients to cook it: doesn’t work. Kaci is an occupational open back clog that not only checks all the boxes, but is made with I’m green™ EVA, which creates an extremely durable product from at least 50% bio-based materials. Step into Kaci and focus on the recipes that spread joy instead of your foot health.

Hair Stylist: Berry

Your clients come to you for confidence. You need to wear shoes that give you the confidence to know you will feel supported throughout your standing shift and refreshed at the end of it. Berry is an easy to wear mule clog that looks good and is built with the same reliable comfort featured in all our clog styles. The addition of a cushioned footbed creates soft support so you can focus on making your clients shine.



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