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Introducing Sedona. The new lightweight, flexible collection that offers unbeatable Dansko all-day comfort and support. A number of Dansko fans recently test drove this collection and here’s what they said...

— Ashley, a newlywed who works as a Critical Care nurse and plans to run a half marathon in 2013, Pennsylvania

"Dansko's new Sedona shoe is what I have needed for my quick paced job in the ICU. I often am running to code bells or hurrying from one patient to the next and get frustrated with shoes that do not seem to go as fast as I need. The Sedona style is contoured low to the ground and so light weight. The soles are slip resistant and are wonderful for quick steps around the hospital. A huge selling factor is the price-only $100! I definitely recommend these shoes for my nursing friends."

— Benita, a teacher for over 23 years and mother of two, Ohio

"At last! The shoe we have been asking Dansko to make is here! Sedona is the perfect mix of Dansko comfort with the style of a tennis shoe. As a teacher, I was looking for a shoe that would allow for all-day comfort but also work on the days I have recess duty. This is also my new weekend errand shoe!"

— Amie, a mother of two who loves to exercise and spend time outdoors, Colorado

"These shoes offer all the comfort I have come to expect from Dansko. They are much lighter than the clogs I usually wear. They offer a fantastic snug, but not too tight, fit. They are the type of shoes I could wear all day and be totally comfortable."

— Patricia, a lampwork bead artist and jewelry designer who enjoys writing, photography and knitting, New York

"Emmy is lightweight and extremely comfortable. The best test was my family’s annual trip to the pumpkin patch. When you have an 8 year old, you find yourself getting more active, and combing through pumpkin fields and corn mazes, these shoes kept me in pace with my daughter, no problem. The comfort comes from the low profile, and flexibility in the shoe, allowing you freedom of motion, whether you are walking through a pumpkin field or through the streets downtown on your way to work, shop or play."

— Shannon, a 34 year old mother of two boys, Delaware

"Between home, daycare, kindergarten, work, homework and everything else that comes up on a daily basis I need comfortable shoes. The Elise is lightweight and has slip resistant rubber soles which are great for running after a 5 year old. They are perfect for work, running errands, the playground- wherever the day might lead. With their reasonable priceM ($100!) you don’t have to choose between all of the fun colors- pick up a neutral pair and a bright color too."

— Cynthia, an adjunct professor who also has her own art studio and enjoys travelling, cooking and dark chocolate, Pennsylvania

"Dansko has broken into the walking shoe/sneaker realm. As someone who often finds my Dansko clogs more comfortable than most sneakers, this is a welcome change. My clogs are not practical for treks through the woods with my dog and kids, but these new shoes fit the bill perfectly for weekend family pursuits. They are cooler and cuter than regular sneakers, light weight, and have great arch support. They go on and off very easily and feel like slippers!"

— Laura, a registered nurse and owner of a Bassett hound puppy named Delilah who enjoys watching football and reading books, Oklahoma

"As soon as I put Sedona on I knew I was going to like them! After a long day of work I managed to go home with NO low back pain which is a first for me. As a 22 year old, I like to wear shoes that feel good and look good too. They are incredibly lightweight and trendy. I couldn't ask for more in a shoe. Even after a month of wearing them I still enjoy them just as much as the first time I put them on."

— Amelia, an artist and receptionist who has 2 dogs, Washington

"In the coming New Year I am looking forward to becoming healthier, body mind and spirit. Sedona, with the comfort I have come to rely on, will play a huge role in assisting me with my weight management goals (not to mention my budgeting goals at only 100$!). My favorite feature is the removable insole to accommodate custom orthotics, something I don’t usually see in athletic shoes."

Shown: Elise Mocha Suede
Shown: Elise Mocha Suede
Sedona Tech Features
Sedona Tech Features
  1. Neoprene collar for comfort and a pop of color
  2. Stain-resistant suede or leather uppers
  3. Molded, cushioned and removable insole for all day comfort
  4. Slip resistant outsole for traction in slippery conditions
  5. Lightweight style for women on the go
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