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Meet Shayla, the active lifestyle shoe that pairs flexible, lightweight construction with long-wearing arch support. Complete with maximum shock absorption and energy return, Shayla serves as the ultimate go-everywhere, do-everything sneaker. But don't take our word for it: Shayla has already developed "fan love" from countless comfort-seeking, active-inspired women, each with their own story. Go ahead — see what they had to say.

The Woman On-The-Go

  1. Emily E.

    Indianapolis, IN
    Fun facts:
    Long distance runner.
    Sips on smoothies. Designher Momma

    "Shayla is hands down the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn, and I don't say that lightly. I can, and have, worn them all day from sun up to sun down with happy feet at the end of the day."

  2. Ellen L.

    Castleton, VT
    Fun facts:
    Creative crafter.
    Warm weather walker. Confessions of an Overworked Mom

    "At the end of the day, thanks to my new active, casual shoes from Dansko, my feet are still comfortable enough to keep on going."

  3. Michelle M.

    Wauskesha, WI
    Fun facts:
    Leisurely reader.
    Salivates over snack mix.

    "I did everything that I could in these shoes, from running errands, to wearing at work, to walking the dogs and most often to work in the horse barn. They cleaned stalls, went through mud and muck and did some bareback riding. I love the non-slip texture for that reason."

  4. Chenin C.

    Pacific City, OR
    Fun facts:
    Hat Collector
    Snacks on almonds.

    "I'm on my feet all day, every day, so my shoes have to be comfortable. As soon as I put on Shayla, I had to wear them all the time."

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The Everyday Walker

  1. Kirsten B.

    Chicago, IL
    Fun facts:
    Active birdwatcher.
    Munches on popcorn.
    Barking Dog Shoes

    "I appreciate Shayla's excellent heel cushioning. While the shock-absorbing soles pounded the sidewalk, my heels felt nothing but cushioning!"

  2. Maria M.

    Burke, VA
    Fun facts:
    Passionate cook.
    Lover of yogurt.

    "I loved how these shoes felt broken-in from the beginning. They provided great cushioning without sacrificing arch support. Just ridiculously comfortable."

  3. Valerie M.

    New York, NY
    Fun facts:
    Pilates enthusiast.
    Urban explorer.

    "Shayla offers the same arch support of the traditional Dansko clog, but has the wide surface of your average athletic shoe."

  4. Julie P.

    West Chester, PA

    Julie Verse

    "Shayla makes an excellent walking shoe for the mom who needs a little encouragement to get up and get moving. The cushioning and form-fit is fantastic."

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The Healthcare Professional

  1. Theresa R.

    Tustin, CA
    Fun facts:
    Dog devotee.
    Savors string cheese.

    "As a critical care nurse, Shayla is the first sneaker I could wear all day and not have sore feet at the end of a 12-13 hour shift of standing and walking briskly."

  2. Steph S.

    Lexington, KY
    Fun facts:
    Spin class champion.
    Household chef. White Coat Wardrobe

    "Shayla allowed me to be on my feet all day in OB/GYN without the lower back pain, leg cramps and fatigue that I would probably experience with other shoes."

  3. Kerri B.

    Danville, PA
    Fun facts:
    Fresh air jogger.
    Fashion fanatic. Girl With A Latte

    "The arch support can't be beat, and after running around in them for 3 days of 12 hour shifts in the ER, I'm even more of a Dankso cheerleader!"

  4. Anna R.

    Nampa, ID
    Fun facts:
    Roller derby competitor.
    Cake baker. The Days Whem I'm Not a Nurse

    "They have the same arch support of the traditional clog but the wide surface of your average athletic shoe. The fact that they are multi-purpose and could be worn to work or for athletic purposes is pretty awesome."

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The Comfort Champion

  1. Lorettajo K.

    Westfield, MA

    Nurse on the Run

    "Shayla's arch support is just what I need to help relieve my plantar fasciitis and heel pain."

  2. Theresa W.

    Greenwood, IN
    Fun facts:
    Fitness guru.
    Nuts about granola bars.

    "I loved how Shalya fit my feet. I have custom made orthotics, and they fit perfectly inside the shoe. I also liked Shayla's fun colors and lightweight feel."

Shown: Black Nubuck Leather
Shayla Black Nubuck
Shayla Blue Nubuck
Shayla Grey Nubuck
Shayla Silver Metallic Synthetic Fabric
Shayla White Smooth

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