• Summer Days at Dansko: Team Day 2014

    By Nick on Tuesday, June 24, 2014

    TeamDay-01.jpg -

    From tossing bean bags to snacking on kettle corn to catching up with friends, we never miss an opportunity to have fun at Dansko. So, when our annual “Team Day” arrived, we took full advantage.

    The main event—a bean-bag toss tournament—drew participants from each of our various departments. And though the competition grew fierce, and new rivalries developed, the tournament helped strengthen company-wide friendships.

    After crowning a pair of champions, employees participated in a variety of other activities, from wiffle ball to volleyball to Dansko-ized bingo. Along the way, they enjoyed the opportunity to spend time outdoors, on our campus, beside our blooming community garden.

    This week, we caught up with three tournament participants to hear a little more about their day—and about the activities they’re looking forward to this summer.

    • Summer Days at Dansko: Team Day 2014 -

      Marco I., Distribution Center
      “Team Day was a blast this year. Of course, my highlight was the bean-bag tournament. It was an intense game, and after coming in second this year, my teammate Mike and I will look forward to a rematch next summer. Away from Dansko, I can’t wait to head into the city to support my hometown Philadelphia Phillies.”

    • Summer Days at Dansko: Team Day 2014 -

      Wendy C., Operations
      “Team Day is all about the Dansko community coming together, eating food and relaxing. And although I wanted to win the bean-bag tournament, I eventually became a spectator and discovered how passionately I wanted my colleagues to win. This year, I’m looking forward to summer nights and cookouts with my family. My husband always makes tasty burgers on the grill!”

    • Summer Days at Dansko: Team Day 2014 -

      Bo P., Information Technology
      “Team Day reminded me of a weekend barbecue with my friends and family; holding the event outdoors left room for everyone to find an enjoyable activity. As summer continues, I’m most looking forward to one pastime: a round of golf without any shanks (fore!).”

      How will you spend your summer 2014? Whether you toss bean bags or eat delicious barbecue, we hope you soak up some fun during the summer season.

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  • Kickstart Your Art Collection with these Five Artsy Tips

    By Nick on Tuesday, June 10, 2014

    LocalArtists-02.jpg -

    ​We’re a creative group, here at Dansko HQ in West Grove, PA. We work beside a living wall, under a vegetated roof, and beside beautiful paintings and sculptures, the majority of which arrive from artists in our community.

    But for Dansko co-owner and COEE (Chief of Everything Else) Peter Kjellerup, collecting art stands for so much more than creating an attractive workspace, or following modern trends. For Peter, art symbolizes a relationship, a means of fulfilling our mission of improving people’s lives by supporting local, up-and-coming artists. And, as a result of Peter’s passion, our workspace cultivates comfort and happiness (much like our shoes).

    Peter’s appreciation for art got us thinking: How can we go about building an art collection at home? Check out our five tips below:

    1. Define your style
    For many budding art connoisseurs, the beginning stages serve as the most enjoyable (and least intimidating) part of building an art collection. Start by making day trips to local art museums and galleries to investigate a variety of paintings and prints. Jot down a few notes, and be sure to take your time—it may take a few visits to nail down your style!

    2. Locate your dealer  
    Experienced buyers often build their repertoire at local auction houses, though this doesn’t mean you need to start your collection by visiting a higher-priced venue. According to many experts, local galleries—and even online shops—provide the best value. Before you buy, start building a relationship with gallery directors, engage with local artists and visit a preview event or an artist spotlight.
    3. Ask thoughtful questions
    Once you establish your style and budget, continue to “get your feet wet” by asking yourself a series of key questions. Is the particular piece signed? If so, where? Are you the first, second, third or tenth owner? Do you notice any damages to the piece? These questions will help you set a baseline for future art purchases.
    4. Start small
    Sometimes, entry-level collectors immediately “go big,” buying original pieces from newer artists. While there’s nothing wrong with jumping right in, you may want to invest in a series of prints from well-known artists first. As you learn the ropes, and further develop your style, start experimenting with bigger-ticket items.  
    5. Think long term
    Because art collecting typically serves as a long-term investment, only purchase paintings or prints you genuinely love. Of course, you can always “flip” paintings later if your style evolves, but the most value often lies with collectors who hang onto their paintings. So, take your time, shop wisely and purchase timeless paintings you’ll cherish forever.
    With these tips in mind, don’t forget: collecting art is a personal quest. No matter how you start your collection—whether you go right for an original Mona Lisa, or start the process slowly—don’t take yourself too seriously! 
    Artist credit, from top right to bottom left: Mark Rowland, Irma Shapiro, Kelly McConnell-Cox, Stan Smokler


    • Kickstart Your Art Collection with these Five Artsy Tips -
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  • Let Your Garden Grow: An Early June Planting Guide

    By Nick on Tuesday, May 20, 2014

    GardeningMap-01.jpg -

    From the southern tip of Florida to the northern edge of Washington, gardeners everywhere follow a strict planting schedule. When Georgians begin harvesting spring vegetables, Californians start planting tomatoes and annuals; when northern New Yorkers begin planting broccoli and cabbage, residents of Montana start planting corn and beans.

    In Pennsylvania, just outside the doors of our West Grove headquarters, the Dansko Garden Team has begun preparing their own crops, looking to jumpstart their planting schedule ahead of a warm and wet summer. From April through October, our team meets regularly to plant vegetables, herbs and fruits, working together to create a healthy, productive garden.

    "Every season, we like to try new things, adding a new spin to our gardening routine," said Laurel C., Dansko Production Assistant and Garden Team member. "We're currently planting tomatoes, peppers and herbs, and look forward to seeing the results of our efforts!"

    What plants will occupy your garden this year? Below, we list a few vegetables (by climate, of course) that thrive in the warm air of late May and early June, while our table below lists the minimum planting distance for each crop.

    As the summer planting season draws closer, we hope you continue to find time for your garden. Happy planting!

    • Let Your Garden Grow: An Early June Planting Guide - Remember to adequately space out your crops, planting only a handful of seeds for each square foot. The table above lists the minimum planting distance for each crop. Remember to adequately space out your crops, planting only a handful of seeds for each square foot. The table above lists the minimum planting distance for each crop.
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  • Celebrating Employee Ownership with a Little Competition (And a LOT of Laughter!)

    By Nick on Monday, March 24, 2014

    ESOP1.jpg -

    As a 100% employee owned company, we have much to celebrate (and we confess that our celebrations typically involve food). Recently, the second anniversary of becoming 100% employee owned had an all-new twist.

    Although we take our jobs seriously, and take pride in serving as employee owners, we also like to have fun. So, how did we celebrate this anniversary?

    With a company-wide game show, of course! Our Dansko rendition of a popular game show required nine co-workers to don jolly personalities  on-stage as the rest of the company was divided into two teams competing against each other to answer questions about being employee owned.  The first team to complete the human tic-tac-toe board won.

    Officially, the O’s took home the win but we all walked away from the celebration having learned a new thing or two about our role as employee owners… and we all enjoyed the food!

    As employee owners, we are committed to furthering the Dansko legacy of quality products, partner-focused service, community involvement, and environmental stewardship – a promise for today, tomorrow and generations to come.

    To learn more what it means to be employee owned, check out Dansko.com

  • Now Introducing: Word of Foot!

    By Nick on Thursday, March 20, 2014

    intro.jpg - Our co-founders, husband and wife team Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup

    Welcome to Word of Foot! Thanks for joining us. :-)

    We are Dansko, a 100% employee-owned company offering a complete line of comfort footwear. Every pair is infused with legendary Dansko all-day comfort and support—and a little love, too!

    Our story begins with a signature clog; but it takes more than one great shoe to make a great shoe company. At Dansko, we are dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives. And here, on our blog, we plan to do just that.

    When you explore Word of Foot, you will embark on a journey, traveling with us as we share interviews, how-to’s and style guides, and much, much more. Throughout the journey, we'll stop along the way and roll up our sleeves to make an impact in our community.  We hope the ride - the stops and the straightaways - inspires you, providing motivation for all of life’s travels. After all, every journey requires great footwear!

    Thanks for visiting; stop by again soon

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