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  • The "Idiosyncratic Fashionistas" Weigh In: How Do You Form a Style Identity?
    By Nick
    Forever aiming to achieve fabulous style identities, New York City fashionistas Valerie and Jean take pride in standing out in a crowd. We connected with the pair to hear their story—and offer advice for developing a style identity.
  • ! The Valerie
    from the Women's Sanibel collection
    The Valerie style and the Sanibel collection you are looking for is not a current style in the Dansko line, but you may still be able to find this item at a retailer. If you liked Valerie, we think you will love styles from The Sedona collection or The Santa Fe collection or The Halifax collection.

    White Canvas
    (not currently available)

    True Navy Canvas
    (not currently available)

    Orchid Canvas
    (not currently available)

    Black Canvas
    (not currently available)
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