• In the News: Dansko Co-Founder and CEO Mandy Cabot

    By Diana on Monday, June 30, 2014

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    Source: TriplePundit, a news source for leaders of ethical, sustainable and profitable businesses

    Author: Geri Stengel

    Story: Stengel, author of Forget the Glass Ceiling: Build Your Business Without One, believes a common thread unites women leaders of thriving businesses: a commitment to their communities. In the article, Stengel praises Dansko Co-Founder and CEO Mandy Cabot, who appeared in her title book, for guiding Dansko with a forward-thinking mentality. Stengel writes, “For women entrepreneurs, it’s not just about innovation and profit. It’s about making a difference.”

    The quote accurately describes Mandy, a leader who constantly strives to improve the quality of people’s lives through volunteerism, sustainable business practices and comfortable, supportive shoes. As a company, we’re thrilled to see Mandy recognized for her commitment!

    To learn more about our mission, values and drive to build a better tomorrow, visit Dansko.com.

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  • Food, Farms and Comfortable Clogs: Q&A With Cooking Light Executive Chef Anna Bullett

    By Diana on Friday, June 27, 2014

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    ​A childhood in Auburn, Maine has shaped the career of Cooking Light Executive Chef Anna Bullett, who used her upbringing to develop an appreciation for the earth—and for tasty food, too. As sustainable Mainers, Anna’s family collected food from a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm, knitted their own sweaters from sheep’s wool, and ate lamb and chicken from a local farmer. Although they didn’t know it, Anna and her family stood at the forefront of the organic food movement. 

    Fast forward 20 years. Now a successful chef for one of the country’s premier cooking magazines, Anna supports marketing and sales projects for clients, leads a line of ready-to-eat foods, teaches online cooking classes and ensures Cooking Light foods adhere to nutritional and flavor standards. Basically, if a task incorporates food, Anna gets involved. And any time she finds herself in the kitchen, she sports Dansko ProXP clogs, relying on comfort and support for long days of cooking and teaching. 

    We recently caught up with Anna to chat about her culinary creativity—and about her passion for Dansko clogs.

    Q: The moment you knew you wanted to work in the culinary industry:
    A: In my early teens, when I started cooking dinner for my family a few nights a week, I began to experience the joy that comes with taking responsibility for full bellies and smiling faces. That pretty much cinched the deal.

    Q: Hands-down favorite part of your job:
    A: When I meet people and they say, “I LOVE Cooking Light; I make your recipes all the time!”

    Q: Most eccentric dish you’ve ever created:
    A: No matter the cuisine, I tend to stick with proven flavor profiles. When I was trying to come up with a vegetarian meatball for work, I developed a great kofta-seasoned black bean ball with a carrot-raisin salad.

    Q: Favorite comfort meal:
    A: Homemade chicken pot pie.

    Q: Greatest lesson your parents ever taught you:
    A: Tread lightly on the Earth’s surface; good planets are hard to find.

    Q: Number one tip for dinner party hosts:
    A: Make a plan, write it down and start cooking at least two hours earlier than you think you need to start.

    Q: Why do you demand comfortable footwear at work?
    A: Safety is super important to me—so if I’m thinking about my aching feet, I am not concentrating on the knife in my hand.

    Q: If you could only wear one pair of Dansko clogs for the rest of your life, which would it be?
    A: Definitely my ProXPs in any color patent leather.

    Q: What designs would you like on see on a future pair of Dansko clogs?
    A: I love vintage scientific illustrations of fruits and vegetables, so perhaps a pair of patent ProXPs with printed blackberries or brussels sprouts!

    To learn more about Dansko all-day comfort and support, and to check out the ProXP clogs Anna sports in the kitchen (also available for men!), visit Dansko.com.

    [Photo Credit: Time Inc. Cooking Light is a registered trademark of Time Inc. Lifestyle Group. Used with permission.]



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  • Earth Day 2014: Five Steps for Conserving Water at Home

    By Nick on Monday, April 21, 2014

    Vegitated-roof-3.jpg -

    ​Around this time of year, April showers tend to become a topic of conversation. In southeastern Pennsylvania, we set umbrellas, rain jackets and comfortable boots by the door, braving the wet weather that becomes so common. But at Dansko, we see rain as something entirely different—as a way to power our toilets. Glamorous, right?

    How does rain power our toilets, you may ask? The process starts with copper rain chains (shown in the photo below). Instead of traditional gutters, we use our rain chains to transport water from our vegetated roof to a 10,000-gallon holding tank. The tank, then, sends water to a pump room, which filters and cleans water in preparation for its next big job. These jobs range from flushing toilets to watering plants, and work to eliminate dependence on our local watershed. What starts as a nuisance suddenly becomes a lifeline.

    While we realize that not everybody uses rain chains, we believe that everybody can conserve water. How, you may ask (once again)? By following these suggestions—or by researching others that work for your lifestyle! In honor of Earth Day 2014, we gathered five straightforward methods for conserving water in your home:

    1. Set up a gardening rain barrel: Purchase a rain barrel from your neighborhood hardware store. When you would normally use water from a hose, place a watering can under the barrel instead!

    2. Review the landscaping in your yard: Thoughtful landscaping can instantly help your water conservation efforts. Consider sticking to native plants that don’t require watering, and be sure to use mulch and compost to retain water and prevent erosion.

    3. Clean your neighborhood catch basins: At times, trash and other debris can clog your local catch basin. Help out your neighbors—and help water flow with ease—by removing the clutter!

    4. Start a compost pile: By composting leftovers instead of sending them down the garbage disposal, you conserve water and reduce septic tank problems. Over time, eliminate the use of your disposal all together.

    5. Replace your old toilet: Out-dated toilets use significantly more water than newer, more efficient models. It might be time to add a toilet to your shopping list! 

    We invite you to join us in protecting the environment, one rain drop at a time!

    • Earth Day 2014: Five Steps for Conserving Water at Home - Rain chains recycle rain water for use in our headquarters. Rain chains recycle rain water for use in our headquarters.
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  • Celebrating Employee Ownership with a Little Competition (And a LOT of Laughter!)

    By Nick on Monday, March 24, 2014

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    As a 100% employee owned company, we have much to celebrate (and we confess that our celebrations typically involve food). Recently, the second anniversary of becoming 100% employee owned had an all-new twist.

    Although we take our jobs seriously, and take pride in serving as employee owners, we also like to have fun. So, how did we celebrate this anniversary?

    With a company-wide game show, of course! Our Dansko rendition of a popular game show required nine co-workers to don jolly personalities  on-stage as the rest of the company was divided into two teams competing against each other to answer questions about being employee owned.  The first team to complete the human tic-tac-toe board won.

    Officially, the O’s took home the win but we all walked away from the celebration having learned a new thing or two about our role as employee owners… and we all enjoyed the food!

    As employee owners, we are committed to furthering the Dansko legacy of quality products, partner-focused service, community involvement, and environmental stewardship – a promise for today, tomorrow and generations to come.

    To learn more what it means to be employee owned, check out Dansko.com

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