• Fran’s Four Fabulous and Functional Summer Hairstyles

    By Meghan on Thursday, July 10, 2014

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    ​Earlier this year, acclaimed Seattle style blogger Dana Landon published a photo of a hairstylist wearing Dansko boots—a pair she described as “clear winners.” The photo first appeared on Dana’s blog, then made its way to the Seattle Times, and was later featured on Word of Foot. The stylist, Fran Connolly, just so happens to don Dansko shoes on a regular basis, navigating Seattle’s bustling streets in comfort and style.

    We recently connected with Fran to discuss "four fabulous and functional summer hairstyles,” each with a unique (yet easy-to-master) set of instructions. Which stylish look will you try this summer?

    • Fran’s Four Fabulous and Functional Summer Hairstyles  -

      The Bohemian Bun

      Products: Dry Shampoo, Flat Hair Brush, Hair Tie
      Prep: After texturizing your hair with dry shampoo, form a high ponytail with your flat brush. When you would normally leave the ponytail, wrap your hair in a bun and secure with a strong hair tie. Use your hands to pull and tease your hair out of place, completing a fun and stylish pulled-back look.
      Place: Weekend brunch with friends
    • Fran’s Four Fabulous and Functional Summer Hairstyles  -

      The Knotted Bun

      Products: Dry Shampoo, Comb, Magic Pins
      Prep: Start by lightly spraying your hair with dry shampoo. Then use your comb to part your hair down the center. Knot your hair until none remains, using magic pins to set your hair in place. To ensure that your pins hold firm, place them into the bun and then push up, grabbing a bit of hair from outside the bun. Then pull all of your hair back into the bun, guaranteeing a snug hold.
      Place: Casual summer wedding
    • Fran’s Four Fabulous and Functional Summer Hairstyles  -

      The Bohemian Wrap Around  

      Products: Dry Shampoo, Comb, Bobby Pins, Magic Pins
      Prep: Spray your hair with dry shampoo and rub throughout, stopping when you have an “out of control” look. Then part your hair down the center with a comb. Lightly wrap your hair around the perimeter of your hairline until you reach the middle; continue to twist tightly. Once both ends meet in the middle of the part on the back of your head, pin the remaining hair against the back of the original twist.
      Place: Romantic date night
    • Fran’s Four Fabulous and Functional Summer Hairstyles  -

      The Twisted Bun  

      Products: Dry Shampoo, Pomade, Elastic Bands, Bobby Pins

      Prep: Part your hair down the center with a comb, and then spray with dry shampoo. Create two twisted ponytails, one on either side of the part, and secure with elastic bands. Place a dab of pomade on the ends of the tails for a clean finish. Then, begin weaving your hair so that it hides the origin of each ponytail—and hides any elastic bands. Finally, use bobby pins to set hair in place, check the placement of your bun in the mirror, and enjoy your simple new style. 

      Place: Day at the office  

      Whether you try the casual knotted bun, elegant bohemian wrap around or any of Fran’s other beautiful styles, we hope you uncover an all-new do for your summer routine.
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  • 10 Summer Adventures for 10 Dansko Shoes

    By Nick on Tuesday, July 08, 2014

    10Summer-header.jpg -
    • 10 Summer Adventures for 10 Dansko Shoes  -

      1. Visit a local fair: Research a summer fair close to your home and experience an evening of high-flying rides and pop-up games. Set your sights on a grand prize—and keep playing until you win!

      On Your Feet: Sheri
    • 10 Summer Adventures for 10 Dansko Shoes  -

      2. Catch fireflies at night: Step outside and search the summer sky for fireflies. Once you catch your well-lit bug, place it in a mason jar, punch holes in the lid and watch as it lights up the night sky—all before you say goodbye and release your bug back into the air.  

      On Your Feet: Jameson

    • 10 Summer Adventures for 10 Dansko Shoes  -

      3. Play miniature golf: Pick up a putter and challenge your friends to a round of mini golf. Create make-believe awards for everyone involved, from “most inventive shot” to “most patient putter.”

      On Your Feet: Iris
    • 10 Summer Adventures for 10 Dansko Shoes  -

      4. Host a barbecue: Gather your closest friends, create a delicious menu, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the sun. For drinks, surprise your guests with a sweet summer cocktail—like Jeffrey Morgenthaler's “East of Eden.”

      On Your Feet: Fern
    • 10 Summer Adventures for 10 Dansko Shoes  -

      5. Go to a baseball game: Visit the Major Leagues, Minor Leagues or Little Leagues and experience the thrill of summer baseball. Before you buy tickets, pick up a baseball cap to make your fanhood official. 

      On Your Feet: Dana
    • 10 Summer Adventures for 10 Dansko Shoes  -

      6. Attend an outdoor concert: Pack a picnic, jump in the car, and soak in the sounds of an outdoor concert. For an unexpected twist, seek out a brand-new band or an unfamiliar genre.

      On Your Feet: Professional Clog

    • 10 Summer Adventures for 10 Dansko Shoes  -

      7. Pick peaches: Walk your local orchard in search of lush, orange peaches. Once you’ve filled your box, and eaten your share, make a sweet summer recipe—like grilled peaches with blackberry basil butter.  

      On Your Feet: ProXP
    • 10 Summer Adventures for 10 Dansko Shoes  -

      8. Walk the boardwalk: Stroll down the boards of a beachside boardwalk and delight in summer’s warm breezes and fragrant air. On your walk, pick out the best beachside food, from savory clams to brick-oven pizza.

      On Your Feet: Shayla
    • 10 Summer Adventures for 10 Dansko Shoes  -

      9. Visit the zoo: Spend a day hanging with the giraffes, monkeys and elephants, and explore an entire community of well-known (and unknown) animals. Make sure to make a stop at the petting zoo, too, to get up close and personal with the zoo’s most interesting attractions.

      On Your Feet: Elise
    • 10 Summer Adventures for 10 Dansko Shoes  -

      10. Watch a drive-in movie: Take the entertainment outside this summer and locate an outdoor movie theater. Pick a film, grab your popcorn and watch away.

      On Your Feet: Janie
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  • Retailer Spotlight: 10 Paddlesport Tips from Route 96 Power and Paddle

    By Meghan on Thursday, July 03, 2014

    Route96Post-01.jpg -
    Located just 30 minutes south of Ithaca, NY and the scenic Cayuga Lake, Dansko Retailer Route 96 Power and Paddle outfits nearly every outdoor explorer. And by every, we mean kayakers, paddleboarders and boaters during the summer months and skiers, snowshoers and sledders during the winter months. If you’re itching to experience the great outdoors—or looking for a comfortable new pair of Dansko shoes—they have you covered.
    To complement their extensive gear selection, Route 96 Power and Paddle offers in-depth lessons for up-and-coming kayakers and stand-up paddleboarders. So we connected with Operations Manager Ian Barrett-Sargent to learn a few top tips for this summer’s most popular paddlesports… just in time for sun-soaked days on your local river, lake, ocean or stream. Hint: be prepared to get wet!
    • Retailer Spotlight: 10 Paddlesport Tips from Route 96 Power and Paddle  -

      ​1. From oceans to rapids to rivers and streams, you’ll find a kayak for every body of water—and every body type. Before making your first purchase, identify which body of water suits you and consult a kayak expert.

      2. When tying your kayak to a roof rack, make sure to carefully follow the correct procedure before driving away. Even the heaviest kayaks can break loose while in transit!

      3. To carry your kayak from your car to the water, use the side of the cockpit as a handle. If you employ a second person to help you, use the handles in the front and back for easy transportation.

      4. Once you’re ready to launch, enter your kayak from the back or the side using the paddle and shore for stability. If you’re looking an easy-to-enter kayak option, try a stable sit-on-top.

      5. Offset your paddle by adjusting the center for right-and-left handed paddlers. Once you do, you may find it easier to paddle in a straight line.

    • Retailer Spotlight: 10 Paddlesport Tips from Route 96 Power and Paddle  -

      ​1. Much like kayaking, you’ll want to select the right size board for your height and weight. Because your board’s width will determine stability, pick a board that measures at least 30 inches across.

      2. Before you bring your board into the ocean, practice in a nearby lake or pond. Flat water provides greater predictability for beginners.

      3. Hold your paddle with your arms straight (especially your bottom arm) with the blade pointing forward. The blade of the paddle is “canted” (or bent) to increase paddling efficiency.

      4. To maintain your balance, always keep your head up and your eyes looking toward the horizon.

      5. Get ready to have fun—and be prepared to fall in!

      This summer, we hope you find time to stand atop a paddleboard or sit inside a kayak. If you do, make sure to incorporate Ian’s top tips! For more information about Route 96 Power and Paddle, visit their website at powerandpaddle.com.

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  • The Essential Guide to your Fourth of July Tablescape

    By Meghan on Tuesday, July 01, 2014

    TablescapePost1.jpg -

    ​This summer, showcase your party-planning passion with a jubilant tablescape, ready for a memorable Fourth of July celebration. From American flag pennants to decorative fireworks, and from strawberry and blueberry shortcake to watermelon hors d’oeuvres, turn your Independence Day into a fun and festive bash.

    How, you may ask?

    For starters, we recommend pairing your favorite summer outfit with a pair of sandals from our Vista collection, complete with a cork footbed, adjustable uppers and countless color options (like red crackle, ivory, and blue). While decorating, cooking and entertaining your guests, you will experience all-day comfort and support, made possible by our long-wearing Vista sandals.
    Once you’re dressed for the big day, jump into action by setting your table. Below, we offer a few decorating tips to help you along in the process. But don’t take our word for it—find your table and decorate away!
    • The Essential Guide to your Fourth of July Tablescape  -

      Mix patterns and shapes
      On Independence Day, stars and stripes cover anything from tabletop decorations to summer t-shirts. So why not mix up your palette with an assortment of red, white and blue patterns—like polka dot or plaid? The result: a Fourth of July tablescape with a bold, eclectic flavor.

    • The Essential Guide to your Fourth of July Tablescape  -

      Add a vintage touch 
      Sort through your attic—or your local flea market—for antique decorations with a summer flair. We’re talking old soda bottles, wooden milk crates, worn-out baseballs, vintage mason jars and other fun novelty items. Pair your classic decorations with modern tableware for a perfectly-balanced display.

    • The Essential Guide to your Fourth of July Tablescape  -

      Uncover your inner crafter
      Think like an artist and turn simple decorations into creative summer staples. Paint thick, solid stripes on a traditional tin vase; turn patterned scrapbook paper into playful pinwheels; or use fun buttons and letters to create hanging pennants. Regardless of your craft, delight in the accomplishment of attractive (and festive) homemade decorations. 

    • The Essential Guide to your Fourth of July Tablescape  -

      Incorporate subtle summer flowers
      To counter your red, white and blue color scheme, handpick a bouquet of simple-yet-elegant summer flowers, including daisies, hydrangea, lilacs, assorted greens and other light-colored fillers. Your bouquet will radiate refreshing summer colors, creating beautiful symmetry with your bright and bold decorations.

    • The Essential Guide to your Fourth of July Tablescape  -

      Decorate with food
      While decorations play a pivotal role in bringing your table to life, no party is complete without delicious summer food. Add festive hors d'oeuvres to your Independence Day display by making a flag design out of cheese, watermelon and blueberries. Or, for a savory twist, toss a salad with goat cheese, strawberries and blueberries. 

      Whether you go utterly classic, completely modern or somewhere in-between, we encourage you to make the most of your Fourth of July party. Plan well, work hard, and have tons of fun—all the while sporting your comfy Vista sandals. Happy Independence Day!


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  • In the News: Dansko Co-Founder and CEO Mandy Cabot

    By Diana on Monday, June 30, 2014

    MandyPost.jpg -

    Source: TriplePundit, a news source for leaders of ethical, sustainable and profitable businesses

    Author: Geri Stengel

    Story: Stengel, author of Forget the Glass Ceiling: Build Your Business Without One, believes a common thread unites women leaders of thriving businesses: a commitment to their communities. In the article, Stengel praises Dansko Co-Founder and CEO Mandy Cabot, who appeared in her title book, for guiding Dansko with a forward-thinking mentality. Stengel writes, “For women entrepreneurs, it’s not just about innovation and profit. It’s about making a difference.”

    The quote accurately describes Mandy, a leader who constantly strives to improve the quality of people’s lives through volunteerism, sustainable business practices and comfortable, supportive shoes. As a company, we’re thrilled to see Mandy recognized for her commitment!

    To learn more about our mission, values and drive to build a better tomorrow, visit Dansko.com.

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