• Retailer Spotlight: A Time for Community with Dee Reid

    By Nick on Thursday, September 25, 2014

    HeelsHobosPost-01.jpg -

    ​As locals and tourists alike stroll past the beautiful brick buildings of downtown Corning, New York, one store constantly attracts joyful window shoppers: Heels and Hobos, a shoe and handbag boutique. Owned by Elmira resident Dee Reed, the Dansko retailer offers an array of products, from handbags made from seatbelts to comfortable wedges and flats. But for Dee, a commitment to the Corning community means just as much as a providing an exceptional customer experience. At heels and Hobos, Dee delivers both.

    “We strive to build comradery and good will in everything we do,” she said. “For us, customer service represents a top priority; our customers deserve to be treated with care, respect and attentiveness.”

    Dee’s thoughtfulness began with the naming of her store, which often pulls curious customers inside. “Heels and Hobos” offers a creative take on “shoes and handbags”; a hobo is large, slouchy handbag with a long strap. Once customers enter the store, they discover Dee’s values and commitments firsthand.

    • Retailer Spotlight: A Time for Community with Dee Reid  -

      Aside from supporting small brands and selling upcycled goods, Heels and Hobos engages with the community on a regular basis. In fact, the store periodically hosts “Shop for a Purpose” events, during which Heels and Hobos donates a percentage of its revenue to a select local charity.

      “We’re in the game for more than just a quick sale,” Dee continued. “We’re located right in downtown Corning and sell shoes to the local community. It’s so important that we get involved with these people.”
      Dee and her Heels and Hobos team recently participated in a local fundraising event, which supported a local nonprofit for girls, and plans to participate in a second event this fall. Below, we share the details of those events—and offer a few more reasons to visit Heels and Hobos (and shop in your local community)!
    • Retailer Spotlight: A Time for Community with Dee Reid  -


      The organization, which inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum that creatively integrates running, provided the perfect fuel for Dee’s desire to give back. Heels and Hobos spent the month of May—which, for many fashion retailers, serves as a crucial month for sales—hosting a “Shop for a Purpose” event. The store donated a percentage of their revenue to Girls on the Run, while the staff served as running buddies during a local 5K. Of course, the event required training and conditioning, yet another sacrifice for the Dee and her team.

      In the end, Heels and Hobos left a lasting impact on local youth and their families, fulfilling Dee’s ultimate goal of serving her community.
    • Retailer Spotlight: A Time for Community with Dee Reid  -


      As a benefit event for the Susan G. Komen breast cancer organization, the famous “Stiletto Sprint” will gather hundreds of women (and men!) for a competitive race in high heels. Sound dangerous? Many attendees will simply watch while they enjoy offerings from countless vendors--including tasty BBQ.
      Because Heels and Hobos serves as the lead sponsor of the event, Dee and her team has been busy spreading the word through radio, newspaper and television ads. “It’s all about finding a cure!” she responded.
      To learn more about Heels and Hobos, visit heelsandhobos.com. Or, to find an authorized Dansko retailer near you, visit Dansko.com.
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  • Runway Rundown: Q&A with Designer Karolyn Pho

    By Diana on Monday, September 22, 2014

    Karolyn Pho-01.jpg -

    ​Young, creative and inspired by her surroundings, fashion designer Karolyn Pho strives to achieve a delicate balance between an artful, avant-garde ideal and the ease of classic American design. Her Spring/Summer 2015 collection, entitled Vagabond, accomplishes this goal…

    …and just so happens to showcase Dansko footwear!

    During her New York Fashion Week presentation at Pier 59 Studios, located on the Hudson River in Chelsea, New York City, Karolyn featured 26 different looks, each sporting clean whites, fun pops of color and oversized accessories. White clogs from our Stapled collection, including Ingrid, Sonja and the Professional, added a classic, minimalistic touch, one that Karolyn called “a huge statement piece” while remaining “subtle.”

    We caught up with Karolyn to learn more about her fashion expertise—and her passion for Dansko clogs.

    Q: How does the title Vagabond describe your SS15 collection?
    A: The collection this season is more utilitarian and functional in its silhouettes. That ease and wearability helps to evoke the vagabond spirit.
    Q: What inspired Vagabond’s color palette?
    A: The color palette was inspired by Art Deco Architecture of South Florida in the 60's-- there's a mixing and matching of pastels and pops of neon.

    Q: How can fashion tell a story?
    A: Fashion is cinematic by nature. It can literally place you in a specific world at a specific time and give insight into a character's person … all without saying one word.
    Q: Describe your personal style in five words or less.
    A: Elevated classic with a personal quirk.
    Q: Name one accessory you never leave home without.
    A: My tennis bracelet and my gold thumb band. The ring was my mother's 'lucky' ring which she wore when her and my father started their first business.
    Q: Name one location or setting that never ceases to provide inspiration.
    A: New York City
    Q: How did our Ingrid, Sonja and Professional clogs enhance your collection’s aesthetic?
    A: The clog style footwear was my homage to 90's fashion. They were a huge statement piece in my runway showing, yet subtle enough to not distract from the clothing.
    Q: Why Dansko?
    A: Dansko is a household name for clogs. Every one of my friends has owned a pair of Dansko shoes at some point in their life—they’re a classic!
    To learn more about the clogs featured in Vagabond, and to browse the rest of our Stapled collection, visit Dansko.com.


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  • Spotted: TV Host Meredith Vieira

    By Nick on Friday, September 19, 2014

    Ingrid_Favorite.jpg -

    Spotted: Meredith Vieira

    Style: Dansko Ingrid

    Source: Meredith Vieira Show: Friday, September 19

    Story: With her outstanding sense of humor, and her down-home personality, Meredith grabbed her backpack and joined the audience during a “Meredith’s favorites” segment. The ever-candid host proceeded to pull various items from her bag, explaining their significance to her daily routine.

    And then, with her smiling crowd watching intently, she unveiled a pair of Dansko Ingrid clogs.

    “My Dansko clogs!” Meredith exclaimed. “Clogs are cool now, but I was ahead of the trend. I’ve actually been wearing these since I was a teenager…”

    As the crowd shared their oohs and ahhs, Meredith announced a gift for all: a voucher for a free pair of Dansko shoes. Of course, the attendees followed with a raucous round of applause (and a few more oohs and aahs!).

    To learn more about our fabulous Ingrid clog visit Dansko.com. Or, to view clips from Friday's episode, check out Meredith Vieira online.

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  • Kickstart Your Daily Routine With Airman Annelise Rowe

    By Nick on Thursday, September 18, 2014

    AunieSauce_Post-01.jpg -

    ​Meet Annelise Rowe. As a member of the Idaho Air National Guard, and as a dedicated lifestyle blogger, “Aunie” strives to stay active from sunrise to sunset. And she just so happens to wear Dansko shoes.

    Last fall, in search of a career kick-start, Aunie made a life-changing decision: the Boise, Idaho native enrolled in the Air Force, ultimately taking part in Basic Military Training. Aunie's experience forever changed the way she lived, worked, and operated, from mornings at home to afternoons in the office.

    “Military Training completely transformed my pursuit of excellence” Aunie responded. “I constantly found myself on the move while learning to push the boundaries of success. I can apply this mentality to so many every day lessons.”

    Today, Aunie supports development functions in the fundraising office of a local hospital, a role that has greatly benefitted from her experience in the military. She uses a standup convertible desk, which offers the option to stand or sit while working on her computer, and performs exercises, like squats or shoulder raises, in her office space. She refuses to let a desk, or a chair, or any other circumstance interrupt her pursuit of healthy living.

    To navigate busy days in the office, Aunie relies on the comfort and support of Dansko shoes. And while she owns several pairs of clogs, she wears our Sophie Sandal as her top choice for standing, walking and moving through the work day.

    “Dansko shoes just look so cute with all of my outfits,” Aunie said. “I wear them everywhere. Regardless of the setting, their quality is unmatched.”

    Just in time for a healthy autumn, and a new workday routine, we asked Aunie to map out a day in the life of Annelise Rowe. We hope you find time to practice these simple and straightforward fit tips! For more information about Aunie’s healthy lifestyle, visit AunieSauce.com.

    • Kickstart Your Daily Routine With Airman Annelise Rowe -

      1. Jumpstart your morning! My best days always happen after I make time to fit in a quick workout in the morning. A morning workout doesn't require waking up at the crack of dawn. Whether it's a brisk 30-minute walk, a few sets of push-ups and squats in your living room, or an awakening and relaxing 20-minute yoga session, get up that few minutes early to give your day (and body!) a jump-start.

    • Kickstart Your Daily Routine With Airman Annelise Rowe -

      2. Amp up your water. I try to drink a good amount of water each day, but sometimes it can seem like a lot! Each morning before breakfast, I drink 20 ounces of warm water with lemon. I try to drink a full 20-ounce bottle (or glass) of water before each meal. It helps me feel a little more full before I eat so I don't over-indulge. Also, the lemon works with your body to speed things up and keep your metabolism revved up all day!

    • Kickstart Your Daily Routine With Airman Annelise Rowe -

      3. Pack lunches. Each Sunday, I take about 10 minutes to throw a meal together in the slow cooker that can be divided up for the week's lunches. I try to eat 5-6 small meals a day. Oatmeal for breakfast, fresh fruit for a snack, protein and veggies for lunch, veggies or crackers for an afternoon snack, and protein, veggies and a little starch for dinner. There are so many combinations to make (especially if you cook in bulk in the slow cooker!) and they pack up so easily for a quick grab-and-go solution.

    • Kickstart Your Daily Routine With Airman Annelise Rowe -

      4. Exercise through the day—yes, at work! A couple times a day (typically when I need to leave my desk to refill my water or use the restroom), I'll do a couple reps of an exercise. I try to hit a different body part each day, and typically choose from squats, standing leg lifts, shoulder raises, side bends and calf raises. Each of these exercises is one that can be done without anyone noticing (should you work in a busy office environment, like I do). Exercising throughout the day keeps my heart rate up and keeps me awake and alert!

    • Kickstart Your Daily Routine With Airman Annelise Rowe -

      5. Don't fall for the afternoon slump. Feeling tired around 2-3 pm? Skip the energy drinks and instead opt for a hot or iced green tea. Brewed green tea offers antioxidants and has even been suggested to help lower cholesterol and the caffeine can help to increase your metabolism. It's a pick-me-up and a healthy choice!

      To learn more about Aunie’s all-time favorite Sophie sandal, and the rest of our comfortable, supportive styles, visit Dansko.com.


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  • Dansko Voted Best for Workers

    By Christy on Wednesday, September 17, 2014

    B_Corp_Post-01.jpg -

    From volunteer activities (like tomato picking!) to family nights, and from employee ownership to birthday celebrations (with ice cream, of course), we function as a friendly footwear family. And just like any tight-knit family, we look out for one another--and for our community, too.

    As a "Certified B Corp," Dansko meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Thankfully, we’re not alone in our pursuit of a better tomorrow; more than 1,000 companies from 33 countries and more than 60 industries also serve as Certified B Corps, creating a friendly community of forward thinkers.

    For us, meeting these standards requires a commitment to the environment, the community, our consumers and, of course, our very own employees. So we work in LEED® gold certified facilities and run the only recycling center in our community; design “Foot Healthy” shoes, as certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association; and provide our employees with 20 hours of paid time off to volunteer, all while donating the equivalent of their salaries to the organizations they serve.

    For our efforts, B Corp recently recognized Dansko as a 2014 “Best for Workers” company—for the second year in a row! We’re thrilled and honored to create a rewarding workplace for our employees, and couldn’t be happier to work in such a positive, uplifting community.

    • Dansko Voted Best for Workers  -

      ​Late this summer, our employees took full advantage of their volunteer hours, heading to SIW Farm in nearby Chadds Ford, PA to pick tomatoes. Our crew traveled under the name “Team Tomato” and picked goods for the Chester County (PA) Food Bank, who later distributed our tomatoes to smaller, local food banks. We even put bruised tomatoes to good use, picking them for use in tasty tomato sauces.

      “‘Team Tomato Day’ fell in line with everything I am passionate about” started Bruce M., Sales, “including farming, growing and distributing locally, fresh veggies, giving back, the helping less fortunate and the hungry. It gave me great pleasure to take part in such a rewarding experience.”

      For Bruce, “Team Tomato Day” represents one of many ways Dansko strives to create an employee-focused--and others focused--community.
      “Our staff regularly volunteers for causes and projects they believe in, want to be part of, and just find interesting,” Bruce continued. “Collectively, volunteering makes a positive difference in our communities and in our Dansko family.”  

      To learn more about our role as a 2014 B Corp “Best For Workers” company, visit the Dansko Press Room.  

    • Dansko Voted Best for Workers  -
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