• The Switch to Standard Time: Ideas For Our "Extra Hour"

    By Diana on Friday, October 31, 2014

    Extras Hour.jpg -

    ​On Sunday, in the wee hours of the morning, Americans will experience an annual phenomenon with century-old roots: the switch from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time or, for many of us, the night that gifts an extra hour of sleep. In the spirit of remembering to adjust every clock in the house before bedtime, we decided to add a playful twist to the fall tradition. What if we chose not to sleep with our extra hour, and instead decided to make productive use of our time? What would we do?

    We asked a few of our co-workers that very same question. From playing the banjo to drinking pumpkin spiced lattes, they came up with a handful of insightful ideas. Take a look below—and don’t forget to adjust your clock!
    Jamey M., Finance: “You may be quite surprised at the additional activities just one additional hour could mean for my household this weekend. We plan to fit in trick or treating, a back yard fire pit complete with apple bobbing, a friendly paintball war and football Sunday, just to name a few!” 
    Jonathan S., Design: “I’m trying to learn how to play the banjo — so I’d spend my extra hour with Craig, my jovial banjo instructor!”
    Briana S., Marketing: “With my extra hour I’m going to start making a healthy breakfast and coffee at home! It’s a great way to save money and time during my daily commute.”
    Melissa S., Customer Service: “I would love to say that I would use this extra hour to help organize my life. But instead, I will most likely utilize my time picking up dolls and cars while staring at 36 clocks around the house determining if that’s the ‘real time’ or the forgotten clock in need of a change.  Oh, but I will savor the unclaimed hour with a pumpkin spiced latte!”
    Scott R., Sourcing: “In honor of Halloween, I want to paint skulls on my clogs. But before I start, I’ll need to practice, practice, practice!”
    Tracy C., Company Store: “With my extra hour, I am hoping to enjoy an extra cup of coffee in the sunroom before my girl wakes up!”
    Jon C., Information Technology: “I will probably spend the morning running around and getting ready for Sunday football—just to realize that I still have another hour to go.”
    Lisa B., Sales: “I’m excited about the switch to Standard Time because I’ll have extra time to take a morning walk. But because it’ll still be dark in the morning, I’ll probably just stay inside!”
    Ed H., Customer Service: “I’m going to enjoy the sunrise while walking my dog. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it, too!” 

    What will you do with your extra hour? We won't blame you if you decide to sleep--but just think about the possibilities!
    To learn more about our footwear family, visit Dansko.com/AboutUs.


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  • “Be Good to Your Feet" With Dr. Stacie Grossfeld

    By Nick on Thursday, October 30, 2014

    BeGoodtoYourFeet.jpg -

    ​Each human foot contains 26 bones, 300 joints, 125,000 sweat glands and more than 100 ligaments—and we care about every, single one of them. So when Dr. Stacie Grossfeld, an orthopedic surgeon in Louisville, Kentucky, hosted “Be Good to Your Feet Month” to inspire injury prevention, we had to learn more.

    Throughout the month of October, Dr. Grossfeld has offered educational information and preventative tips for those who suffer from common foot ailments, working to reduce patients’ everyday pain.
    From blisters and bunions to osteoarthritis and plantar fasciitis, Dr. Grossfeld has seen it all—and she wants to make a tangible difference in the quality of her patients’ lives.

    But for Dr. Grossfeld and her patients, the month of October only represents a small piece of a bigger mission. Year round, the Board Certified Surgeon works to spread her excitement for orthopedic medicine through pre-med internship opportunities, professional mentoring, and a program at nearby Louisville University that helps college students enter medical school. Her passion always shines through. 

    “It’s so important to pass on the profession to others,” Dr. Grossfeld began. “I want to show students what doctors do on the other side, whether it’s a diagnosis, surgery or simply keeping records. I really see myself as a teacher and a mentor.”

    While encouraging these doctors-to-be, Dr. Grossfeld makes sure to treat her staff with the very same respect. So, as part of her special focus on foot care, Dr. Grossfeld provided her entire team at Louisville Orthopaedic Specialists with “some of the most comfortable footwear available”—Dansko shoes! The self-proclaimed Dansko fanatic and owner of 35 pairs led her team through the ultimate Dansko shopping spree, gifting all-day comfort and support to her hard-working staff.

    “Dansko shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn,” Dr. Grossfield concluded. “I sometimes stand for three hours in one place during surgery and my feet are never an issue.”

    From our performance-rich XP collection to our active-inspired Santa Fe collection, we strive to keep all 26 bones and 300 joints healthy, each and every day of the week.

    To learn more about Dr. Grossfeld’s passion for heathy feet, and to read tips from “Be Good to Your Feet Month,” visit LousivilleBones.com/Blog.

    • “Be Good to Your Feet" With Dr. Stacie Grossfeld  -

      ​[Photo Credit: Louisville Orthopaedic Specialists]

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  • A Moment for Mindfulness: Get Out and Explore

    By Mindful Magazine on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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    ​Mindfulness is not only about sitting still and reflecting inward. Getting up and moving, while still maintaining mindful attention, can turn your focus more outward, getting you out of our head and into your body—and the world around you. Perking up your awareness even a little as you move through the world can enrich your daily experience and anchor you during emotional storms. Steady practice can enable you to manage increased intensity—a difficult conversation, a crisis, a challenging campaign—more skillfully. Instead of responding to highly charged situations by tensing up your body, you can learn to handle things with more ease and grace.

    Here are a few ways you can take mindfulness with you the next time you’re heading into the great (or just everyday) outdoors:
    When You’re Outside
    Whether you’re perched on your front step with your morning coffee or heading to a specific destination, there’s an opportunity to take in your surroundings. Stop for a moment and see if you can take in all of the senses, one by one: sight, sound, taste, feel, smell. What colors are the leaves? If they’re falling through the air, watch them. What can you hear around you as everyone gets ready for the day? It might be the hum of traffic getting louder or children chatting as they walk to school. You might notice the coolness of the breeze on your cheeks or the smell of the air. Take stock of the different elements at play around you.
    When You’re Walking
    Walking is a great opportunity to tune into what’s happening in your body. When you’re walking—to lunch, to the car, to the bus—change your pace. Walk half as fast. You can try this mini-walking practice:
    • Feel your feet touching the ground and let your weight distribute evenly
    • Drop your gaze slightly. This helps you maintain focus
    • Step out with your left foot. Feel it swing, and feel your heel hit the ground, followed by the ball of your foot, and your toes. Then feel the same as your right foot comes forward. Keep your attention on the movement: heel, sole, toes, lift. This helps you connect the action of walking to the present moment.
    When You’re Commuting
    Commuting can often feel like a transition period that’s all about anxiously waiting to get to the next place—including rushing to get home to relax! To counteract the rushing mentality—which is unsafe in any case—do something to ground you in your place. In the car, notice how the steering wheel feels in your hands, your posture as you sit. Take a few deep breaths before you start the ignition. If you’re on the bus, feel the vibrations of the bus through the soles of your feet as the bus accelerates and decelerates.
    If you can walk to or from work, even if only for part of your commute, do it. If you find your thoughts, and your body, rushing, a helpful phrase to remember is: “go elephant.” Walk S L O W L Y. Feel your feet on the ground. Gaze easy and level. Feel the heaviness of your feet on the ground in juxtaposition to your racing thoughts.

    —Barry Boyce, Mindful Magazine Editor-in-Chief and Stephany Tlalka, Mindful Magazine Assistant Editor, Digital.

    Mindful will return in December with their next guest post. In the meantime, visit mindful.org for feature articles or to subscribe to the magazine in print or digital format.

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  • If These Shoes Could Talk: Stories From Our Fans

    By Christy on Friday, October 24, 2014

    ifshoescouldtalk_post-01.jpg -

    ​At Dansko, we love stories. From Mandy and Peter’s discovery of their very first clog, to our outrageously entertaining Halloween parties (stay tuned!), we have a whole vault of memoirs worth sharing. But now, we want to share a few stories from you—our biggest fans.

    If these shoes could talk, what would they say? 

    Remember: the thoughts and opinions of our fans do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dansko--or how you might want to use your Dansko shoes.

    • If These Shoes Could Talk: Stories From Our Fans -

      Robin G., Eugene, OR

      “I climbed a snow covered mountain in the Cascades in Oregon in my Dansko clogs, after discovering I left my hiking boots home.  My trusty Dansko clogs got me through!”

    • If These Shoes Could Talk: Stories From Our Fans -

      ​Stephanie S., Ephrata, PA

      “I started my own bakery business about 2 years ago. I am the only person baking and filling orders and am on my feet for 12-16 hours at a time, sometimes with no break. The pain in my feet and back were starting to really take a toll on me. Someone told me I should look into Dansko shoes, and my first pair became the only shoes I wore! … I felt like I had energy again to work and wasn't consumed with the pain in my back … I may have become slightly obsessed with these shoes!”

    • If These Shoes Could Talk: Stories From Our Fans -

      Marsha P., Shoreview, MN

      “I purchased my Dansko shoes for a recent trip to Europe. I planned on wearing a different pair of shoes for all my walking and sightseeing, and use my Dansko shoes for the leisure days, as they have a nice heel. Boy, was I surprised! I could wear my Dansko shoes all day long … sightseeing everywhere! I have recommended them to friends planning a similar trip who want to be comfortable but stylish, too.”

      Stay tuned for more stories--and more reasons to wear Dansko shoes! To submit a story of your own, visit Dansko.com.

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  • Autumn Road Trip: Lace Up Chantal and Take a Leaf-Peeping Adventure

    By Nick on Wednesday, October 22, 2014

    LeafPeepingPost-01.jpg -

    From the White Mountains of Northern New Hampshire to the meandering vineyards of the Napa Valley, colorful leaves make autumn a season worth savoring.

    This year, we decided to “up the ante” on our annual fall celebration by planning a cross-country road trip. We have to admit, though: this isn’t the first time we’ve dreamed of traveling from east coast to west coast—or from continent to continent. What can we say … we love comfortable shoes, and we really love traveling to faraway places.

    So, will you join us? You’ll only need a few key items:

    • Comfortable shoes: We recommend Chantal from our Boulder collection. With a Vibram® outsole and waterproof construction, and with three outdoor-inspired color options, Chantal packs performance features into an adventure-ready sneaker. Lace her up and hit the road.
    • Snacks for the car: Keep those energy bars handy!
    • A cross-country map: From Interstate 40 to U.S. Route 80, you’ll need a personal guide to keep you moving from destination to destination.
    • A detailed itinerary: Take us with you—we have your trip all mapped out below!

    What are you waiting for? Lace up your shoes, jump in the car, and experience the leaf-peeping adventure of a lifetime.

    • Autumn Road Trip: Lace Up Chantal and Take a Leaf-Peeping Adventure   -

      White Mountains, New Hampshire

      Start your leaf-peeping tour in the rugged White Mountains, a well-traveled range located 100 miles north of the state capital.

      Drive: Pick up Interstate 93 in Boston and head due north for Franconia Notch, a mountain pass that once held New Hampshire’s iconic “Old Man of the Mountain” rock formation. As you traverse stunning mountainside covered in bold reds, oranges, and yellows, take a detour up Cannon Mountain, where you’ll have the opportunity to lace up Chantal and peer into the dense forest from above. 

    • Autumn Road Trip: Lace Up Chantal and Take a Leaf-Peeping Adventure   -

      Adirondack Mountains, New York

      Head west to the dome-shaped Adirondack Mountains, which boast an astonishing 46 “high peaks”—or peaks that rise more than 4,000 feet above sea level. 

      Drive: As you navigate the windy roads of New York’s famous mountain range, make your way to Indian Lake before heading south to the town of Speculator. Along the way, you’ll experience the awe-inspiring sight of fall foliage reflecting off Lake Indian’s crystal-blue surface. Hop out of the car and follow the lake on foot; you’ll want to take your time!

    • Autumn Road Trip: Lace Up Chantal and Take a Leaf-Peeping Adventure   -

      Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina

      Steer your car south toward North Carolina, Tennessee, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a mountain range that welcomes more than 9 million annual visitors.

      Drive: Adventure onto the Blue Ridge Parkway and experience a drive like no other. Remarkable landscapes, striking long-range views and great canopies of trees surround the roadway, which meanders for 426 miles. The drive will require several stops, countless “oohs” and “ahhs,” and a few walks in Candice to experience the sights first-hand.  

    • Autumn Road Trip: Lace Up Chantal and Take a Leaf-Peeping Adventure   -

      Grand Teton Mountains, Wyoming

      Travel from Eastern Time to Mountain Time, and from South Carolina to Wyoming, to experience the Grand Teton Mountains, a Midwest range that stretches 13,770 feet into the air.

      Drive: Brace yourself for a five-mile, 1,000-foot climb up Signal Mountain Road, a pass many locals regard as the most beautiful drive in the country. When you reach the summit, park your car and delight in the breathtaking views of Jackson Lake, Snake River, flat glacial plains and a collection of colors that only belong in a painting.

    • Autumn Road Trip: Lace Up Chantal and Take a Leaf-Peeping Adventure   -

      Napa Valley, California

      Wrap up your leaf-peeping excursion with a trip to California wine country, a region covered in charming grapevines and alluring mountainscapes.

      Drive: After traveling through the open landscape of Wyoming, head to the Golden State, where sprawling vineyards help highlight the rolling hills of the Napa Valley. Choose a vineyard, book a tour, and soak in the brilliant color palette as you navigate crowded rows of leaves and grapes.

      Can’t make the 60-hour trip from New Hampshire to California? No problem! Lace up Chantal and go on a leaf-peeping adventure close to home. And don’t forget to check out our other styles too, ready for adventures big and small.

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