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We love to hear from our fans.  Every person has their own unique story about their experience with Dansko and we like to think of those as your FanDansko® experience. We want to hear your FanDansko story and might even include it here! Read some of the letters we've received below
and, if you’d like to share your own, please send it along.

  • About 5 years ago I was having some problems and went to visit a podiatrist. He gave me some stretches to do plus advised me to get into some good shoes like Dansko. I wasn’t use to spending too much money on my footwear but knew I needed to invest. I bought my first pair of Dansko shoes. I am a school teacher, on my feet a lot, and didn’t realize feet didn’t have to hurt by the end of the day. When I wore my Dansko shoes my feet were comfortable, well supported and no blisters-- not to mention stylish. Every year I buy myself a new pair of Dansko shoes for my birthday! I am trying to collect all the flavors of Dansko.

    Ann S., Salt Lake City, UT
  • I am an owner of a pet sitting business. I am out all day long taking care of cats, dogs, urban farm animals and small animals. I discovered Dansko from a friend. I used to wear athletic shoes and my feet hurt at the end of the day then BOOM, bought my first pair of Dansko shoes and wow, now my feet are fashionable and not tired at the end of the day!!!

    Susan C., Troy , MI
  • I have been a waitress for 25 years. For 22 of those years I wore tennis shoes. For a solid year I suffered painfully every step with plantar fasciitis. Someone recommended I try Dansko shoes. I am happy to say that almost immediately my foot pain subsided. I now look forward to getting up, putting on my Dansko shoes and going to work!! Thank you Dansko :)

    Tami W., Healdsburg, CA
  • At the age of 31 I found myself in need of a total knee replacement. The road to recovery was long and hard. After 6 months I wanted to get back to work. Being a chef, working long hours and on my feet all day, I knew I would need comfortable, supportive shoes. I did a lot of research and got many referrals that led me to Dansko. I can honestly say they are the best, most comfortable and supportive shoes I have ever worn! I’ve found that not only do I wear them just for work but they are stylish enough that I wear them everywhere!

    Cristin B., Pittsburgh, PA
  • There's only one thing to say about my Dansko's, I LOVE THEM!

    Beth S., New Bern, NC
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