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We love to hear from our fans.  Every person has their own unique story about their experience with Dansko and we like to think of those as your FanDansko® experience. We want to hear your FanDansko story and might even include it here! Read some of the letters we've received below
and, if you’d like to share your own, please send it along.

  • At first I bought Dansko shoes because I was on my feet all day and they seemed like good 'work' shoes. Now I wear them all the time - even when I ride my bike! 

    Keri T., Portland, OR
  • Happy feet equal a happy me, and everyone knows when mama is happy, everybody is happy :-) 

    Heidi B., Alpharetta, GA
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Dansko sandals. I now own two pair and I am always wearing them. Recently, on a vacation to NYC I took my Dansko sandals that I had recently purchased. I was able to wear them to walk everywhere. Dansko shoes have long been my FAVORITE brand and I will forever be a loyal customer. 

    Marlena U., Albuquerque, NM
  • Your sandals have given me a cute, yet INCREDIBLY comfortable shoe to wear almost all the time. Not only am I a teacher--and on my feet all the time--but I have had two surgeries on my Achilles tendon. Your shoes have made my life so much more productive and livable. THANK YOU!! 

    Ashley C., Norfolk, VA
  • I absolutely just love my Dansko shoes. I have to admit I don't wear any other type of shoe. As soon as my feet slip into a pair of Dansko shoes it is an ahhh moment!! And my feet never tire, even when I have been on them all day.

    Kristin L., Spring Grove, PA
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